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What clients are saying:

I wore the suit you picked out for me to a wedding and I looked and felt great. A few of the single women made it known they were into me, and I got the number of the hottest woman there. But perhaps best of all, I received a very racy compliment from the bride herself! The very fact that she let her eye wander, even for a moment, when she probably should have focused exclusively on her very new husband, speaks volumes about my new look, I think. Thanks again for your help.

--> Ted, newly divorced entrepreneur


Leah was a guest in my Colour in Context class. She is most passionate and knowledgeable on the topic of colour as it pertains to gender and interaction with skin tone. My students were quite engaged by discovering the North American history of how colour biases have changed for boys and girls clothing. They were also amazed at just how different the same colour appears against each other's skin.Thank you Leah for an inspiring visit!

--> Teresa Ascencao, Media Artist and Arts Educator, OCAD University


…your work not only changes the man on the outside, but on the inside too. My confidence as a result of our work is renewed. People are seeing the difference not just in my clothes, but in my eyes, stance/posture, and general comfort. I know it’s what I’m wearing and the tips you’ve shared that has set it all off!

--> Kevin B. Hartley, Actor


I had my first debate yesterday and it was wonderful to just grab something that you had arranged for me without having to think about it, and know that I would look fantastic!! (See one of these outfits here.)

-> Jon Burnside, Toronto 2010 city council candidate


Through my sessions with Leah, I discovered an entire world of possibilities that I never knew existed. It's saved me time, effort, and a closet full of clothing I just didn't need.

Most importantly, I learned more about myself and through my appearance, how others would perceive me. I am my own billboard and I want to make sure that everyone sees the best and most honest representation of me.  Leah, you are a consummate professional in your field, all the best!

-> Alexander Hajek, Baritone


I was pleased to learn that Image Consulting is in fact a practical application of business common sense.  Prior to my experience with Leah, I had a misconception that image consulting was somehow related to making a "splash" in the workplace with one's fashion sense. Thanks to her, I now feel better equipped to work effectively.

Leah did a great job of reviewing my work apparel with me, as well as accompanying me on shopping trips in order to complete my wardrobe.  After Leah helped me, I had a complete set of business clothes that I could wear confidently and comfortably. 

In the end, I found the exercise was practical as well as economical - I spent less than I would have had I gone out to refurbish my wardrobe myself.

I highly recommend Leah Morrigan Image Consulting for Men.

-> Marc Gorcey, PMP


For the first time in my life, I am being pulled over by acquaintances and strangers to tell me how good I look.  Ego or no ego, the image process is a confidence builder.

-> Mark Wigmore, producer, PROUD FM


Leah helped give me the confidence to concentrate on the game, and I received many compliments on my style from the folks at Sony Pictures Studios. Now I’m ready for anything, and I can’t thank her enough.

-> Doug, Jeopardy! champion


As an engineer by profession, I immediately connected with Leah’s logical transformation process. Her Colour Match system and the development of my personal style made the personal investment experience very rewarding. Leah, you are very good at what you do and I can't thank you enough.

-> Geoff, P. Eng


The image change has brought my confidence to an absolutely remarkable level!

-> Frank M., Business Analyst ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

When you are single in the city, Leah should be your first stop in the urban experience.

-> Jeff, Senior Operations Manager


Working with Leah was fun and informative. I now have an understanding and appreciation for colours, fabrics, clothing styles, and most importantly, proper fit.

Learning about fit has made the largest impact on how I look and how I feel about myself - I wore medium-sized shirts and pleated pants because I believed that someone stocky should not wear tight-fitting clothes.  By switching to small sized shirts and flat front pants, I have made myself look thinner and sexier!

The bottom line is that I look great and I feel great about myself!  For the first time in my life I enjoy buying and wearing clothes.  Thank you, Leah, for all your advices and input.

-> David E., Financial Advisor


I'm lost without my Colour Match!

I love the Colour Match product and the process that Leah uses in identifying the colours that best suit me. I'm really enjoying wearing clothing that flatters me. It makes me feel great!

-> Alon Metzer, Insurance Professional