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     "Worth every penny."

       -Gregg, client and professional speaker



You want to be real, right? Unlike a stylist who can dress you in trendy, seasonal fashion, image work gets down to your core and interprets your character through your wardrobe, grooming, and your communications. Your look is specific to you, your life, and your natural style to make you more attractive, confident, and credible. 

Men's Image services 

Profile Analysis and Consultation The cornerstone of transformative image work: an in-depth, personal character analysis to uncover and identify your genuineness, your sense of the world, your lifestyle, tastes, talents, needs, and aspirations. Get to know who you are, not the man society says you are. 

Colour Analysis Have you thought of colour as a tool for self-improvement? Wearing the correct colour palette flatters the face and is the basis of an efficient wardrobe. This service includes a personal colour palette tool that clients say saves 90% of shopping time.  

Body & Wardrobe Analysis Stand taller, dress for your natural body type, wear proper­ly-fitted clothes and appreciate them on the body; know what to wear for every occasion and always be stylish. This service can include work out of your closet to build on what you already have, and/or clothing rebuilding via tailoring.  

Grooming A guided tour through shaving, skin and nail care, hair and styling products with a lean toward natural products. Good grooming puts the final polish on your image.  

Shopping Made easy! Appropriate stores are pre-shopped and garments organized to help build a smaller, stylish, and more efficient wardrobe based on your comfort, personality, lifestyle, colour, body type, and budget. 

 Image packages for local men in the Greater Toronto Area

Quick Fix $500 (+ hst = $565)
Basics for building a new wardrobe and a polished image in about four hours:
• Colour analysis*
• Body analysis & wardrobe planning session
• Shopping session

The Local $1200 (+hst = $1356)
An in-depth package, great for new seasonal wardrobes and making yourself more
• Info session to find out more about you and your lifestyle
• Colour analysis*
• Full body analysis & wardrobe session
• Two hours shopping
• Basic follow up notes with colour and wardrobe info and clothing care instructions.

Executive $1750 (+ hst = 1977.50)
The full transformation - thorough personalized care:
• Profile analysis
• Colour analysis*
• Body & wardrobe analyses
• Body work (body language and posture)
• Educational grooming session
• Two-hour shopping trip
• Individual care such as hair and eye wear, specific to each client as needed
• Post-shopping style session

*All Colour analysis services include a Colour Match tool that can save 90% of shopping time

Image packages are flexible to suit your needs - just ask us!

Long Distance Image Packages

No matter where you are in the world, if you have a camera, a webcam, and a desire to
improve yourself, image work can bridge the distance and bring quality image work to
you. We’re happy to work with retailers, salons, and barbers in your local area.

Out of Towner $500 (+hst = $565)
Send us some pictures, have a chat on Skype, and let us create a personalized image
package for you. This package includes:
• Interview to find out who you are and how you live
• Colour work* (+ Colour Match tool that will be mailed to you)
• Body & wardrobe analysis
• Grooming suggestions
• Personalized shopping list

Up and Coming $1200 (+ hst = $1356)
An in-depth package, great for new seasonal wardrobes, self-improvement, and making
yourself more marketable. This package includes:
• Profile analysis
• Colour work*
• Body & wardrobe analysis
• Grooming suggestions
• Online shopping or personalized shopping list and tailoring instructions, plus
follow-up notes with colour and wardrobe info, style suggestions, and clothing
care instructions.

Women’s Choice: Local or Abroad $500 (+hst = $565)
For women who can see the potential in husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons, dads,
uncles, and friends but want some professional help. We’ll help you get your guy
sorted out.

Send us some pictures, send sizes and measurements, tell us about him, and receive
a detailed image report bursting with wardrobe, colour, and grooming notes tailored
especially for your man. We’ll also send you a handy Colour Match* tool to help you
choose the most flattering colours for current and future clothing choices.

*All Colour analysis services include a Colour Match tool that can save 90% of shopping time


Professional Follow Up Notes and Individual Dressing Guide $350 (+hst = $395.50)
Thorough and easy-to-follow personalized reference notes (with pictures) to document
your transformation from colour work to posture shots, plus grooming notes, clothing
care information, and a dressing guide.

Wardrobe Maintenance $500 (+hst = $565)
Periodic wardrobe updates and shopping to keep you modern after our full image work
is complete.

Online Dating Optimization $250 (+hst = $282.50)
Is your online dating profile doing you justice? Bring out your best and improve your
chances: one-on-one interview to establish who you are and who you’re looking for
online, a rewrite/edit of your existing profile + updated profile photograph.

Your initial image consultation is complimentary!
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