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Gentlemen, welcome to a more confident and attractive you.


Before you invest thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe, why not buy some insurance? Work with a men’s image expert and you’ll know that every item of clothing makes you look attractive and feel more confident. It’s smart and savvy to hire a professional to add value to your wardrobe investment. 

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Leah Morrigan is “nothing less than outstanding”

Testimonial – January 2019

My experience with Leah was nothing less than outstanding... I am a mid-career surgeon and academic university professor. I hate shopping for clothes but I like to wear nice stuff that looks good. It makes a difference; we all know that as fact. Leah worked with me and determined what styles and colors are best for my skin and body as well as my personality, and the image I need to reflect in my professional world.


I am reborn.


I am amazed at her attention to detail and the time she spends on her clients. She is so passionate about it and really wants to help you. She is really fun and there is no judgment at all. I was comfortable and you can trust her. I wish I did this 10 years ago but better late then never. Just do it.

Thank you Leah. You will be dressing me for life! - Dr. Feelgood

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Professional Office Transformations

Your professional image is more than the way you look. Your workspace reflects your abilities, brand, and reputation. This service is about decluttering, reorganizing, and decorating with locally-sourced, eco-friendly services and artwork (where possible).  Double click the image below for a wider version.

Leah Morrigan is “the perfect choice”

Testimonial – June 2018

Moving into a new phase of my life, I was looking for a dramatic change to my image. I knew I couldn't do this alone and that I needed help. For me, Leah was the perfect choice.  She took time to get to know who I am at my core, which colors and styles do and don't support me, and then created a brand-new wardrobe around that.

I appreciated her scientific approach to color and style and her attention to detail was huge. The time and attention she dedicated to me made me feel that I was really worth that. I'm looking forward to being noticed now rather than shying away from attention. That's a big change for me. I firmly believe that having a great image consultant is a competitive advantage worth way more than the investment itself and highly recommend Leah.  - Chris B., Entrepreneur



Leah Morrigan "works from the inside out”

Testimonial – June 2018

Polishing your appearance isn't an indulgence. Well-dressed people get away with more. With Leah's help you can get away with a lot more. 

She works from the inside out, taking a lot of time to learn about the client as a person. Then she teaches about unappreciated things like fabric types, which not only made our picking the clothes much easier, but makes it easier for me to do this myself when buying clothes in the future.

I chose Leah's whole package, including grooming and appearance - it was a little extra, but it was money well spent as I learned simple little tricks like how to easily improve my posture.

At first my wife, who knows much about clothes, thought I didn't need someone like Leah - why not just go shopping with her instead? But she soon saw how much better a guide to clothes Leah was. 
- Jamie E., Professor

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Gentlemen's Image Packages*


     Executive Look

The full transformation. Includes Profile Analysis, Colour Analysis, Body & Wardrobe Analysis, Grooming, body language, posture, 2-hour shopping trip, and individual care as needed (e.g. eyewear, hair styling). Plus, you’ll receive thorough reference notes that will help you save money every time you add to your wardrobe. $2,250 + HST (all clothing and accessories extra)

     Moving Up

A strong package, great for new seasonal wardrobes and making yourself more marketable. Includes an information session, Colour Analysis, Body & Wardrobe Analysis, and 2-hour shopping trip. Plus, you’ll receive basic follow-up notes for future reference. $1600 + HST (all clothing and accessories extra)

Long distance image packages are available to men outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Leah is available for business travel upon request. Prices subject to change without notice.


Leah Morrigan is a professional men's image specialist and wardrobe advisor. She helps men from mid-career to senior leadership make a stronger impression by blending art, science, and eco-responsible men's image practices to create an enhanced image and a flattering, practical, and efficient wardrobe.


Leah is a men's writer and the first woman in Canada to specialize in men's image. She has appeared in most major Canadian media and is often called upon for her opinions prior to political elections.

Photo by Shawn Goldberg


It was such a great experience, Leah, I can't thank you enough. I can’t believe how many comments I get all the time on my clothes and image... I feel so much more confident in myself and the way people look at me. - Alan, Senior Executive