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Leah is a compelling public speaker and guest lecturer. She has been featured in major Canadian media and lectures about image at Canadian universities including the University of Victoria, Ontario College of Art and Design,
Ryerson University, and the University of Regina Alumni Association.

In her new series of customizable image messaging lectures for professionals and students, Leah blends her knowledge of image messaging and professional editing to cover our live and digital image presentation.

Why? Based on the consistency and sincerity of our messages, people will decide if they can trust us or not. This can have personal and professional implications.

These lively lectures include real-life experiences valuable tips about life, business, and image, and discusses

  • image concepts and their weight,

  • professional implications of our digital image,

  • ways to avoid cognitive dissonance,

  • how to communicate more clearly,

  • how to improve credibility online, and

  • how to make a better impression.

Below are some testimonials from recent presentation attendees:

Leah provided an exceptional presentation filled with vital information for anyone in any field. I found myself immediately drawn in and hope I can learn from people like Leah throughout my career.

I am currently working towards a career in marketing and the topics Leah brought up correlated directly, which made this presentation even more captivating for me.                                                              

Leah gave many great points in her presentation, many to which I am taking and implementing into my everyday life from this point forward.                                                                                               

I’d like to thank Leah for this lecture. I've started executing myself and my words more deliberately and have seen a great outcome from this already.                                                           

 Email info@transformyourself.ca or call (1) 416-795-8234 for conversations and bookings.