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Success stories

Entrepreneur becomes an international hit

New partner flies high with an approachable look


An entrepreneur, speaker, author, and educator with lofty goals came to Leah to help him build his confidence, enhance his overall presentation, and improve his persuasiveness. He paid close attention to Leah’s information about general presentation, clothing, colour, and posture, and reaped the benefits of his new strong and unique image.

Eighteen months later, his career and his life have quickly moved up to the next level. He’s now based in a larger city, travels and works internationally to addresses heads of companies, and his work calendar is full.


A young leader with global influence who felt uncomfortable with his appearance came to Leah so he could become more competent and approachable in his presentation. Leading a team, answering to VPs, and travelling three times a month, he had to have a professional easy-care wardrobe to reflect and reinforce his intelligence and his value to his company.

Leah helped him polish his look with a flattering and workable wardrobe. Some of his items easily transition from the office to smart casual, and his comfortable, casual items work well at home and for his physical activities with his large family.

Employee moves from blue to white collar with more confidence

Doctor is more confident in and out of the office


The vice president of operations at a large North American transport company needed to quickly transform a fast-climbing, long-time employee into an executive. Leah’s task was to transform a plus-size blue collar middle manager into a confident white-collar executive.


​Together, they discussed the importance of image in his new role and in his business. Leah listened to his needs and sourced appropriate clothing stores, and helped the client become more comfortable around style and wardrobe. The client is a confident new executive and is his boss is “very pleased”.


A physician knew it was important for him to look credible and approachable to make his patients feel comfortable and cared for. He wore dated glasses and dressed in dark, heavy-looking, untailored clothing that didn’t show much of his personality. Leah helped him recognize that he needed a new approach to his professional image and worked out a step-by-step plan to keep him on track and in control.


After image work, people notice the change and women comment on his stylish wardrobe. He has been given more responsibilities at work, and patients now refer to him as “Dr.” instead of “David”.

Teacher learns to look like an expert


When a tenured professor realized he was “hiding in his clothes” and needed to reposition himself from “researcher” to “expert” to earn the respect of his influencers, he hired Leah who helped him appreciate himself and the value of his ideas and demonstrate this through a professional image.

Leah  discussed his goals and motivation with the image work. She taught him the important facts about colour, textiles, clothing, and accessories, and found him an impressive, versatile, and affordable professional wardrobe. This client feels more confident in his profession and in his ability to influence others.

Shorter man stands tall with the right look


A senior IT developer wanted to develop his own style and stand out from his peers. Leah’s task was to take this (shorter) man who works in hoodie culture and help create his own comfortable, suitable, and unique style.

​They looked at his existing wardrobe and kept only the flattering pieces; Leah helped him understand clothing proportion for his size. They chose an appropriate, well-fit, versatile wardrobe, and the client learned how to express himself through clothing. He now feels more confident in work and social situations.


Mid-forties man updates image and gains competitive advantage

Moving into a new phase in his professional life, a middle-aged man was looking for a dramatic image change. Leah was to take this man on a journey to discover who he really was and reflect his true character in an updated image.

Leah worked to understand who the client is and what he needed. She did her three-part analysis to understand her client, and created a cool, comfortable, flattering, and appropriate wardrobe, which he would never have dreamed of choosing. Because of the image change Leah helped him achieve, this client is now more confident and truly believes he has a “competitive advantage”.

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